Avital Ronell with students
EGS students
The European Graduate School

The European Graduate School (EGS) is a private institute of higher education in Switzerland and Malta. Supported by the non-profit European Graduate School Foundation, its two faculties — ‘Arts, Health and Society (AHS)’ and ‘Philosophy, Art, and Critical Thought (PACT)’ — specialize in philosophy and conflict resolution with the visual arts providing a link between these two areas. The EGS offers Masters and Doctoral degrees in Philosophy (Philosophy, Art, and Social Thought), Art (Literary, Musical, and Visual Thought), and Conflict Resolution (Expressive Arts Therapy / Coaching and Consulting). The EGS is an unusual educational institution — cross-disciplinary and outside the standard academic system — and a center for critical research. Students and faculty meet three times a year for multi-week seminars at the campuses in Saas-Fee and Valletta. Both faculties are distinguished by their excellent professors, most of whom are at the top of their disciplines and well-known outside the academic world. This summer, the feminist philosopher Karen Barad will offer seminars in Saas-Fee along with Judith Butler, Achille Mbembe, Slavoj Žižek, and others.

In cooperation with the EGS and as a kick-off for the Festival, HEINER GOEBBELS will read on 28 June at the Literaturhaus Zürich.